Paper.yml editting is not coming thru


I was making a sand duplicator using the end portal.
After setting allow-piston-duplication and allow-piston-duplication to true and restarting the server it didn’t came through.

How can I fix this?

Thank you!

Paper doesn’t have a config option for sand duping. You can either remove the patches youself (hard way) or use Purpur, which has a config option for sand duping (and safe end portal logic, which you’ll also need to disable). Keep in mind both of these options won’t get you support here.

Is purpur like a plug-in?

Purpur is server software, based on Paper.

I also had issues with this, but I was told by paper dev that paper does not have option for sand dupe but that plugin could add it. So I made a plugin to bring back the dupe!!

Post here for more information: It is just plugin and works like vanilla.