Paper: What are Non-Ticking Entities

n paper you can use /paper entity list which gives you a list of all the entites split up between Ticking and Non-Ticking.

Example Image here:

I wanted to know what exactly a non ticking entity is? Is this documented anywhere?

My server gets up to its Server cap of 50 so I have view distance in set to 4 while the Paper notick view disance set to 9. Sometimes when my server reaches the player cap the Non-Ticking entities go really high (7-10K). It was my understanding that an entities outside of the view distance would be despawned as the chunk isnt being ticked anymore, an I wrong in thinking this?

Just trying to trace down where these Non-Ticking entities would be, if they can be a cause of TPS loss even though they are Non-Ticking, or if there is someway to despawn or unload them if they are non ticking as I would assume they are not within the view distance.

non-ticking entities shouldn’t affect tps. tps stands for ticks per second. and if that entity isn’t ticking (aka isnt included in the tick loop), it can’t really affect the ticks per second.