Paper Future - mc 1.18.x support

Yoo, hi.

I searched for a thread about this, but I could not find one here on this forum. If this is a duplicate anyways, I am really sorry. Please inform me about this then.

We all know that the new minecraft version 1.18.x is coming up very very soon. We also know from e.g Slicedlime, that the server structure/behaviour will change a lot in the new version. Since I and some friends of mine are planning to add a 1.18 SMP as it got released I’m just curious if you guys plan to add 1.18 paper support soon aswell ^^ I work as a developer too, so, I can kinda imagine that the support may be a lot of work, that’s why I ask.

If yes, do you already have a release date for orientation?

Paper is - in my eyes - the most stable server software for minecraft servers. I hope I can know you on our site for 1.18 too :smiley:


paper will update, but there’s no release date. join the discord for updates etc.

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wow thanks for your very fast response. Glad to hear, thanks. I will check it out asap

I can’t wait for the update :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Wow, it’s cool that Paper will also be updated to 1.18, the only thing is I would like to know if it will be possible to update the world from 1.17.1 with the generation of missing blocks?

We don’t do anything special, upgrading a paper world will have the exact same effect to upgrading a vanilla world. You will get blending on the edges and you will get new blocks below your world and that’s about it.