Paper CI Auth required :/

Hello, I was wondering why the CI Server suddenly needs Authentication. I used it quite often to query the latest artifact and some data of the artifact :confused:

The CI server has been deprecated, and consistently warned about the fact that we are removing public access, for almost 2 years now; Us the downloads API,


Hey there,

I was using this to download the latest builds.

wget -N --no-if-modified-since

Can you help me use the downloads API in my script instead?



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Thank you for the info, however, for us just starting out our adventure with Paper, it would be nice to have a more verbose error on Jenkins and perhaps have it point to a static URL that shows examples of how to auto-download. I would have started using paper 1.5 years back had I had found a methodology to auto-download. If people don’t know auto-updating with an automated restart = bad then it is on them. But I saw so many posts over the last 1.5 years avidly against this.
I stayed with spigot because I have an elaborate bash script that checks for update needed and then does a download and some symlink bits and sends me a text there is an update to test. It is incumbent to me to not doark my production environment.
Anyway I just found this thread and am VERY grateful that I can now start using paper.