Paper and Mechanims


Hi all. I recently change a spigot core on your paper core and took some problems.

The first -> its mobs. They are very slowly. I dont why. Strange moving.
Next -> its mechanism. When admin use come cmd block or different mech all server players get frieze.

There is log:


Your crash report link is broken, not too sure what you mean by they’re moving slowly? if that and players are suffering issues, sounds like your server might be lagging, could you grab a timings report? (/timings on, wait a few, /timings paste)


На время поставил spigot простой. Мобы долго “думают”. Видно, что проблемы с потоками, ибо двигаются очень странно, по очереди.
По поводу механизмов, когда активируются, то виснет у всех.
Translate: from rus pls. Thank u for ur attantion.