Paper 1.8.8 Still Working?

Hello Everyone,
I Want To Make PVP Server
And I Got Suggestion It’s Preferably To Be In 1.8
I Found Legacy Of Paper In 1.8.8 But It’s Shut Down The Server
After Starting
So I Ask, There’s A Paper Version Of 1.8 That’s Working

Here Is My Logs When I Start The Server:

Thanks Very Much

Don’t Start Every Word With A Capital Letter.
And you use unsupported version.
Update to 1.15.2.
And it looks like something is killing server process.

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Hi thanks for response
i’m got advice to use 1.8 minecraft version because that the best version to do PVP server

here some reasons from the man who gave the advice:
few reasons:

  1. Most PVP players prefer the PVP of 1.8
  2. Hit Detections After 1.8 Simple AIDS.
  3. The Knockback simply AIDS after 1.8.
  4. Next to 1: Install a no cooldown plugin It’s not a solution, it’s different …
  5. Servers at 1.8 are much more durable (in terms of performance and so on) than 1.15 (despite all the improvements)
  6. When you put a server in 1.8, you give people the option to sign in with more versions
  7. Most of the Plugins in PVP are not up to 1.15 yet