Paper 1.17.1 is not loading new blocks/items?

so after updating to the latest 1.17.1 paper jar today and updating all my plugins everything runs fine

however none of the 1.17 blocks are available in creative and there not generating in the world

I am getting nether blocks instead generating where the slate should be generating does anyone now why this might be?

also if i mine the ores I get an ore block thats called 1.17raw ore but it looks like regular ore blocks still and the raw items in creative turn into stone when placed in my inventory

I have never seen anything like this before when updating a Minecraft version

The two most likely things that come to mind are:

  1. Some of the features you are looking for have simply been postponed until 1.18. A full list of features that did and didn’t make it can be found here.
  2. For the stone thing, do you have ViaVersion installed?

i do actually

Then make sure your server is actually running 1.17.1 (with the /ver command) and try without Via.

i will try w/o via

wow so the console looks fine everything seems to load ok but when i try to connect from my lobby i get

so did via break something?

That looks like your server is behind Waterfall, is it?
If so, ensure the proxy is updated to 1.17.1 as well and you’re not connecting through Via* (can just uninstall to test).

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wow so it wasn’t via at all just loading from waterfall made it act like a older version even tho the server itself is 1.17 thats really interesting i totally didn’t see that being the issue but it was everything is now working correctly

thank you for your time !!