Paper 1.16.1 Very scuffed dragon

I use Paper 1.16.1 for challenges with 4 of my friends, everything goes smoothly until The End.

The dragon will just spam fireballs way more than in single player, especially if there’s only 1 person in the end. When the dragon perches he only stays there for 1 or 2 axe hits, which is also not the same as single player. And also the dragon will disappear client side when it flies too far away (im assuming this is a render issue?)

The first 2 are the main issues, anyway, any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Example of fireball spam

IIRC None of Paper’s patches touches the Ender dragon AI outside of checking if its alive etc.
Also, we don’t support nor can change anything on .1 so just update.

I use .1 because .4 is terrible for speedrunning. Is there a latest release for .1 somewhere?

No, and we do not support outdated versions.