Paper 1.14.3 Multiple villagers are suddendly unable to trade

I experienced this bug with build #129 and #131 of Paper 1.14.3.

The trading GUI is opening for half a second before it closes again.
This did not happen when the villagers first spawned. It happend after I traded multiple times. I think it has nothing to do with the trade level of the villager, since the bug is happening with villagers with different levels.

Maybe it has something to do with the change in the stock items of the villagers.
I also experienced it before I became the saviour of the village and after.

Edit: The bug common occurs with the fletcher.

note: I have only found one other topic which talks about this problem. on github:
Seeing this is from November 2018, tells me this bug also occured before .1.14.3

I have encountered no other bugs so far and I am very pleased with the stability compared to other server tools.

Hopefully this bug will be fixed.

This is a bug in the base game of 1.14.3. It is a known bug.
It is fixed in 1.14.4

It is caused by them losing pathing to their POI. Breaking the workstation and replacing it can fix it sometimes.

Thanks for the information. I see it has been fixed in the new pre-releases of the base game.

Til paper is also on 1.14.4 I have to use to following workaround:

Try to replace your villager’s working station and wait until they assign themselves to it (during daytime).