[New users] More friendly site

Sadly with the implementation of discourse, the community of PaperMC will never grow. The forums (no offense) are already not user friendly and when you add discourse to the whole site it makes it very unappealing to new people. I know many developers would post resources here if they didn’t have to complete a bunch of goals to post a FREE plugin…
Using myself as an example, I came to the site wanting to post my plugins here. I already post them on spigotmc but I figured I would contribute to this community and try to help build it. I always wondered why there are only 10 or so plugins posted and as soon as I saw “discourse” I knew why.
Trust is a huge thing when building a community, y’all should hire some mods and have them take care of necro, inappropriate, fake download, posts rather than having the current system. A more user friendly site is always better.

Anyway, that’s my rant and I hope I will be able to post my plugins here soon :slight_smile:

To my understanding, you don’t need to complete the goals, it’s just a friendly intro the the software as a whole?
Honestly not really sure of what a viable alternative would be either

The forums is also much less preferable to the community vs the discord