New Paper downloads delayed to downloads page

There is often significant delay before new Paper builds are listed on the downloads page. Can that delay shortened?

Not really seen much in terms of delays, how long is it generally? have you tried force refreshing the page?

the cache is 5 minutes. if you know a build is there and need to force it, hit Shift + F5

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This was just n observation. I use the REST-API to get notified with a link on my automagical updater, from which I can then get downloads directly. But yesterday, when 18 builds were posted, the list was headed by 368 for a long time, despite frequent forced page refreshes and notifications that later builds were available.

Despite constant forced page reloads as a test (ok, Iā€™m bored), paper-1.16.4-405 was finally included on the downloads list, over 30 minutes after my update-checker notified me that it was available. The main reason I mention it, is that I like to see what has changed before I install a new build. I appreciate that I can look at the code changes on Github, but the summary on the downloads page is useful (and has a link to the changes). Please check the cache updater.