New lag in 1.15.2 - server oversleep, chunk provider tick?

Any thoughts on how I might reduce the amount of time the server spends on these per tick? Can I spread this work out over more ticks, or reduce the work somehow?

Any ideas? This is preventing my server from growing. If the answer is “sorry there’s no config option or bug fix to address this”, then I can live with that… but I want to make certain before I go with expensive plan B (moving server to better hardware, a major monthly cost increase and one-time administrative effort).

Thanks for all the hard work!! Paper is amazing.

Being perfectly honest, I’m heavily discouraged from looking at timing reports these days because it’s all the exact same issues, I’d suggest watching the video in the top corner

Basically, from a quick 2 second look, you have too many entities, and your hardware is somewhat underspec’d

I’m sorry to be one with the exact same issues lmao, but something similar is happening to my network. But I can’t seem to find the video you’re talking about in the top corner?

Also my timings: