Network stats plugin

hello! I am looking for some plugin which would show network related stats like player connect/disconnect, average pings, bandwidth and such. Ideas?

We’ve been using TabTPS for a few months now on our server and it’s been helpful. Displays our TPS, MSPT, and local ping in various places on your screen. Other bits of useful info as well.

TabTPS on SpigotMC

Looks interesting, need to test it.

looks great! /pingall for example
It is realtime and does not have any historical stats it seems though…

Correct. It’s more for the real-time stats you mentioned above. If you find a good plugin for historical info or that does all the above, please update here. I’d love to see it as well.

You could check out PLAN. It has a lot more than just what you asked for.

Lovely plugin! But there is still some essential metrics missing which I look for. Please consider adding

  • average session time per player (this would help me see who has stability issues)
  • if there is a way then differentiate between connection time out and normal quit
  • ping information per player - seems like there is nothing like this