My chunk is not unloading

if (!world.getChunkAt(0,0).unload()) Bukkit.getLogger().info("fail")

This is very simple code, and unload the 0,0 chunk. But this always returns false and is never unloaded.
why it won’t unload?

  • chunkinfo : Inactivity

  • debug chunk
    { "x": 0, "z": 0, "ticket-level": 45, "priority": 45, "state": "INACCESSIBLE", "queued-for-unload": true, "status": "minecraft:full", "tickets": [] },

Pretty sure it doesn’t unload because it’s in one of the force loaded spawn chunks. These chunks typically never unload.

Try disabling keep-spawn-loaded for the world, as that might work:

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I already disable that. but nothing is change :frowning: