Multiplayer to singleplayer?

Hello community.
I am in the process of transferring the world from multiplayer (papermc 1.16.1) to singleplayer and I am having a lot of problems with the nether and the end, would someone know how to guide me a bit? Is it just copy and paste folders?

I have copied the worlds and all the files, including the playerdata files but I appear with a new character, I have thought about leaving it like that and leaving my things from the server in a chest and copying the world again and from the singleplayer taking things again, the only thing that the achievements I am going to have to do again but I don’t care because I don’t have much progress in achievements. Is this ok or is it a wrong process?

Thank you very much!

(I have translated the post with a translator, I am sorry for the inconvenience it may cause when understanding the matter)

You need to put the other world directories inside the directory with the overworld name in saves. Your player stats and inventory are in a file with your player UUID in the playerdata directory in the overworld directory. You can confirm it’s contents using a tool such as NBTExplorer.

The End’s folder needs renamed to DIM1
The Nether’s folder needs renamed to DIM-1


Edit reasons: Correcting the folder names, correcting them again, updating instructions.


Hello, sorry for taking time to answer you.
It has helped me a lot, I already put the files inside the corresponding directories, I just needed to know what to do with the end and the nether in addition to all about the UID.
I’m already playing without problems!

Glad I was able to help. I basically reversed what I did for my setup: I converted my single player (LAN enabled) world to a dedicated server.

Hi, could you please tell me how you did this? When simply copying files, I only get the overworld right, everything else regenerates from scratch…

Thanks for your time

@NeWizz Assuming you went with default world name in, you should have 3 folders created - world, world_nether and world_the_end.

What you need to do, is copy the dimension region files from nether and end folder to your main world folder.

In world_nether you have a folder called DIM-1. Copy the whole folder to your world folder.
Analogically, in world_the_end you have folder called DIM1. Also copy it to your world folder.
Ignore all other folders and files in these 2 folders.

Thanks for the quick answer, I really do appreciate that!

My problem is the other way around, I’m trying to copy a single player map and make it a multiplayer one. When I do copy the DIM-1 file to world_nether, the server simply overvrites the stuff that was in there on boot up…

I don’t know what to do

Thanks again

@NeWizz leave it in the world folder. Bukkit should migrate it automatically. Simply copying it to an empty world_nether folder won’t work because it’s missing other critical data like level.dat.

So get your single-player world, either rename it to world or change level-name in to the name of your world folder and then run it.

Did what you said, didn’t work, unfortunately.
I copied everything manually, and set DIM-1 in world_nether, while removing any non-necessary items (aka leaving regions and poi only), and loaded the server. I had a message like ‘searching spawn region’ during boot, then a ‘search failed, generating spawn’. I don’t exactly remember the terminology, but it worked, and everything is fine!

Thanks again for your time! :stuck_out_tongue: