Multiplayer menu shows wrong MOTD

Hello everybody,

I need some help regarding MOTDs.

When pinging the server from the multiplayer menu, I always see the MOTD of my first server instead of the MOTD from the waterfall instance.

This feels a little strange, since this even happens when the client can’t even access that server (eg because it runs on a different version).

With my config, clients always see the MOTD of vanilla, but on connecting they will actually end up either on vanilla or modded depending on the client version.

I thought I configured it so that all players will see HUB as MOTD, but that’s not the case.

What am I doing wrong?

This is my config.yml:

- query_port: 25565
  motd: 'HUB'
  tab_list: GLOBAL_PING
  query_enabled: false
  proxy_protocol: false
  forced_hosts: pvp
  ping_passthrough: false
  - vanilla
  - modded
  bind_local_address: true
  max_players: 1
  tab_size: 60
  force_default_server: true
remote_ping_cache: -1
network_compression_threshold: 256
  - bungeecord.command.server
  - bungeecord.command.list
  - bungeecord.command.alert
  - bungeecord.command.end
  - bungeecord.command.ip
  - bungeecord.command.reload
log_pings: true
connection_throttle_limit: 3
server_connect_timeout: 5000
timeout: 30000
stats: 3bb10718-3a55-4af5-852b-da0ee740af8b
player_limit: -1
ip_forward: true
  - admin
remote_ping_timeout: 5000
connection_throttle: 4000
log_commands: false
prevent_proxy_connections: false
online_mode: true
forge_support: true
- disabledcommandhere
    motd: 'VANILLA'
    address: localhost:45728
    restricted: false
    motd: 'MODDED'
    address: localhost:45729
    restricted: false

Could it be that the default MOTD in the file is conflicting with this?

My waterfall server does not have a file. Here are the two of my actual servers:


[email protected]:/opt/minecraft/myserver$ cat vanilla/ 
motd=Vanilla MOTD from server.props


[email protected]:/opt/minecraft/myserver$ cat modded/ 
motd=yeha\! from server.pops

Both messages are never seen in the multiplayer menu. In fact as far as I remember, the only motd shown in clients was "VANILLA" from waterfall’s config.yml.

What should I set the MOTDs of the individual servers to?

ping passthrough is disabled, meaning that the proxy is dealing with it, not the backend server; You need to enable ping passthrough if you want the backend server to deal with the MOTD

Okay, with ping passthrough turned on,

  • when pinging with a 1.16 vanilla client, I see Vanilla MOTD from server.props as MOTD.
  • when pinging with a 1.12 modded client, I see also Vanilla MOTD from server.props as MOTD and a hint that the client is not compatible. I can still join and end up on the correct server though.

Both show the server-icon.png from waterfall which is nice.