Mojang had released "obfuscation maps"

ATTENTION: i won’t release deobfuscated generated code, i will only use it for private analysis in plugin development (anyway if you need it you could do it for yourself also)

recently mojang had released obfuscation maps for server and client to aid the modding community (urls in client.json, see )

how can these maps be used to get correct official class/prop/method names?

… maybe you could also use it in building process

I see a switch to the new Mojang obfuscation maps as unlikely. By this point, upstream (Spigot) has been creating their own mappings for years now, and upstream has been quite conservative in making changes. More than likely, Spigot will continue to maintain its own set of 1.15 mappings, and that’s what Paper will use.

In addition, switching maps now would break an alarming number of plugins, and while most could update, adds unnecessary risk. It’d be even worse if Paper unilaterally switched and Spigot didn’t. Then you’re stuck writing NMS code for Paper and Spigot.

thanks tux for your early response

but what about the question? … on how can i use the maps to de-obfuscate jar/code?? … i mean just for reference

… for example, i was trying to develop a village plugin, but villages are not exposed anywhere on the bukkit api, so necessarily i have to use nms classes, but exploring obfuscated nms classes and guessing what they do is a pain in the azz … so i want to deobfuscate them just to understand how they work, and then reference current nms names in my plugin

watching your comments

Enigma has support for the proguard format, you’d just load up the jar and the mappings inside of it