Mobs not Spawning even when i´m inside the Chunk


I´m playing on a Paper 1.16.1 Server and built a Goldfarm on it (Yes, 1.16 functional). When i´m standing on the Collecting Platform (below Spawning Platforms), no Monsters spawn. When i fly up to the Spawning Platforms, they spawn immediatly. If i place my second account next to the Spawning Platforms, no monsters spawn.

I already searched the config files for something like this, but i found nothing. What should i do? On other servers these Goldfarms work fine.

Maybe there is a “mob cap”?
because mob spawn in the cave below? light all underground cave?
and make AFK spot above your “Mob Farm”

It´s a Goldfarm, so it´s in the Nether and i built it 150 Blocks up in the air. I kill the Mobs by hand, so i get more loot and XP.

Sorry my bad :rofl: //It’s 2am here I need coffee (_ _)。゜zzZ

Try this trick I’ve use it long time ago. It’s make mob spawn more frequently
Make rail go around your gold farm (Keep distance ~24 Blocks from Gold Farm) Then AFK on Minecart this is work perfect for me (This trick is from 1.15.2 Guardian Farm)

//I mean try it. I know you have to stand on killing spot let’s see if it work (≧∇≦)ノ