MiniGameWorld: minigame framework [1.14+]


  • Minecraft MiniGame Framework


  • Can apply each minigames to want made by various makers

  • Various minigame access: Sign Block, Command, GUI

  • Config control: title, waiting-time, time-limit, location, min-player-count, custom-data and more

  • MiniGame type: Solo, Solo Battle, Team, Team Battle, Custom

  • A player’s Inventory, Health, Food level, Exp, Potion Effects, Glowing, Hiding and Game Mode are saved at the game start and restored when the game finished

  • Party system

  • Data backup

  • Can apply third-party(e.g. reward, rank data) plugin

for developers

  • 5 Minigame frames class with easy developing

  • Javadoc API document

  • Can add custom-data section which can be edit by users

  • Efficient to manage config data with YamlManager of wbmMC library

  • Can sell your own minigames to users

  • Can use various Events

  • Can develop third-party(e.g. reward, rank data) plugin


  • Wiki
  • [Download](h ttps://

Play Videos

[FallingBlock](h ttps://
[MoreHit](h ttps://
[HiddenArcher](h ttps://


Youtube Tutorial

  • [User Tutorial](h ttps://
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