Massive TPS Loss

Hello Everyone,

I need help with my server, it’s lagging so bad because the TPS Drop,
im using Ubuntu Server 18.04 with java8, it have a lot of plugins. i allocated 8GB RAM for this server. it is survival server with some rpg element like quest.

Here’s my server timings

and here’s my server Specs

Intel i7-7700K - 64GB DDR4 2400MHz - SoftRaid 2X450GB NVMe + 1x 4To SATA

Thank you!

Not sure how to solve it neither but I can confirm -I also have this issue(Also using ubuntu)

i dont know what to do, the tps drop when i update it to 1.13, on 1.12 is working fine

Elimina plugins inútiles para subir un poco los tps

I recommend this guide to optimize your server. :speedboat:⚡.283181/