Massive TPS loss in timings report, potentially caused by world saves?

I’m trying to understand the information provided by Timingsv2, and what’s causing the server to go from 4% TPS loss to 72% in under 10 minutes. The TPS loss graph seems to be all over the place, but when the timings report is sorted by average lag, it shows that Minecraft::Command: minecraft:save-all is sitting at 1659.57ms per, which is wildly high. Aside from the server missing Aikar’s JVM flags (which we’re going to fix), can someone explain what would cause the insane TPS loss?

I was reading this comment in PaperMC’s forums which points towards setting the auto-save-interval in Paper.yml to 6000, but is that truly the fix? Do we need to disable something so it doesn’t conflict with the new Paper.yml setting?

Edit: We’ll also be looking at something like ClearLagg to take care of entities as well

save-all is slow as it’s saving all of the worlds in one go, in your panel, disable the auto save feature
clearlag is also horrible for performance especially with mob cleaning, use a mob limiter (for limiting farms, etc), and tame mob spawns

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Clear lag causes more lag on certain server configurations than it saves.
Use the spigot + paper (.yml)'s to configure entities.