Massive lag and tps drops after Chunky

Hello everyone. My server has been lagging hard today after I left Chunky plugin to render part of the world at night. Now the world folder is 1.4gbs and today the server is in a terrible condition. I have removed Chunky (I know it does nothing, just incase) and Dynmap plugins thinking it was something to do with chunks or rendering. But it hasn’t helped. I have changed startup parameters which also didn’t help at all. There aren’t many plugins left. Just some minor things. I’ve killed some mobs in our animal farms but it still is lagging. What is the problem here? I can’t solve it or find any info online. Thank you.


  • Startup timings are often useless
  • Get a better host, a windows server is not optimal.

Should I get longer timings? Also do you think changing hosts into one that offers Debian or Centos hosting would fix my tps?

Definitely, Debian it is, you don’t want to host your server on a Windows server. That doesn’t work out very great, as you see.

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