Looking for developer of NPC plugin/library (up to $2000)

Who We Are
I’m a single person looking to get help with my personal minecraft project.

What we want of you
I want you to create a NPC library that can be controlled from code. You will support the code for 3 months and deliver bugfixes.

Functional requirements:

  • NPCs must experience physics (gravity, block collision, moving up and down slabs/stairs when moving, this also includes proper collision with non-full blocks like snow, enchantment table, etc.)

  • NPCs must be able to fly with the elytra

  • NPCs must be able to ride boats, horses, pigs, minecarts

  • NPCs must not be visible in the tablist

  • NPCs must be able to be hit with projectiles (snowballs, arrows, etc.) and fire a custom event

  • NPCs must trigger pressure plates when standing on them

  • NPCs must be able to shoot a bow, throw snowballs, eggs, etc.

  • showToPlayer(Player)

  • hideFromPlayer(Player)

  • Set getPlayersVisibleTo()

  • setDisplayName(String) + Getter

  • setSkin(?)

  • teleport(Location)

  • Location getLocation()

  • setVelocity(Vector) + Getter

  • setItemInHand() + Getter

  • setItemInOffHand() + Getter

  • setBoots(ItemStack) + Getter

  • setLeggings(ItemStack) + Getter

  • setChestPlate(ItemStack) + Getter

  • setHelmet(ItemStack) + Getter

  • setOnFire(boolean) + Getter

  • setCrouched(boolean) + Getter

  • setSprinting(boolean) + Getter

  • setEating(boolean) + Getter

  • setDrinking(boolean) + Getter

  • setBlocking(boolean) + Getter

  • setGlowing(boolean) + Getter

  • setNumberOfArrowsInBody(int) + Getter

  • swingArm()

  • swinOffhandArm()

  • jump()

  • showDamage() (npc turns red as if it has experienced damage)

Nonfunctional requirements:

  • Very hight code quality
  • Adherence to java conventions
  • Use version agnostic code whereever possible
  • Spigot version 1.13.2

I want the library to be completed in 2 to 4 weeks.

I am willing to pay up to $2000, when you contact me we will negotiate the price. Once you completed the library, you demonstrate that the NPCs are functional. We then will exchange the source code for the money. I can pay through PayPal, bank transfer or Bitcoin.

How to get in contact
You can contact me via email ([email protected]), Discord (domisum#3116) or via dm on the forum.

This position is no longer available.
Thank you for your interest.