Long Tick Crashes after player join on decent server hardware

I am having some really odd server crashes with both Bukkit and now PaperMC and I was wondering if anyone can help me figure it out. It seems that the server hangs pretty badly on a player connect after being idle for a while or when coming back to the overworld after being in the nether a long time. The only way I can reproduce this is by leaving the server idle for a few hours and then joining. Included are my timings and a full Pastebin of the server log during these long tick response and then subsequent crash. Any help would be much appreciated!

More detailed explanation: After being idle for a while, I join the server and start moving around, I still receive chunk information as I can move around anywhere on the server, although elytra doesn’t lose velocity and eventually the server will time out because it reaches the maximum 60 second wait.

Server Specs (Just in case)
Ryzen 5 2600
16 GB DDR4 Ram (6 GB for server)

Full Server Log at crash:
(This cuts off abruptly because it hung indefinitely)


-EDIT- I will add that there is an Iron Golem farm in the spawn chunks as I see the entity name referenced in the log