Local server problem

Hello everyone, this is the topic. Task: connect my friend to my server which is hosted on my pc.

I then opened the ports on the router and start the server. From the beginning I started it with the config ip = I ask a friend to connect using his external ip: 25565. He can’t do it. Then I put it in ip = (external ip). The server does not start and gives an error that the port is busy. I tried to open different ports, put the ip empty, my pc, external. So nothing happened (. Help plz.

There is a static ip.

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usually, in server.properties you want to leave the ip setting blank. your friend needs to connect using your (external ip):25565. make sure you have that port opened in your router and firewall.

Yes, I have opened a port in my router and firewall. My friend was connecting to my external ip.

I would check the processes, if a java instance wasn’t properly killed

I restarted the PC before starting the server. Didn’t help either (.