Lag at 70+ players (please help dad)


Hello everyone, I’ve been dealing with game-breaking lag for the past 2-3 weeks and have been working a bit with Stefatorus to improve the situation as much as possible, however, things are still quite bad.

When we get to around 70+ players, things go bad, here are the timings (there have been times where we have at around 70 players with minimal problems).

Here are more timings at 100:

Here is a profiler from the spark plugin: Apparently players take a large % of server tick?

Anyways, I’d really appreciate as much advice as possible, as this has been haunting me for the past 3 weeks and not enough successful progress has been made.

VisualVM Snapshot: 12 tps at 130 players :frowning:



Looks like Essentials teleports are taking a fair chunk of tick time. Same with Ess /home command, and for whatever reason /broadcast and /afk.

That’s on the plugin end. On the server end it’s a bit all over the place, but the one constant I’m noticing is sync chunk loads taking time. The fact that it’s all over the place (especially with packet handling and block ticks) indicates you might be overutilizing your CPU. The sync chunk loads indicate you might need to check the speed of your disk.

Edit: I’d attach a profiler to the server and see what comes up. It’ll cause some additional overhead while profiling, but will allow you to see exactly what calls are taking exactly how much time.


Mind showing me where you see that in the timings so I can learn a bit?

Also, I noticed this in the profiler:
Is this probably something I should look into?
The plugins I have that use scoreboards are FeatherBoard, AnimatedNames, and mcMMO.


VisualVM Snapshot: 12 tps at 130 players :frowning:

Hopefully the snapshot doesn’t have any sensitive info…



I guess no harm to try EssentialsX instead of Essential, and NuVotifier instead of Votifier? They’re both more up to date, and better in overall. Also I don’t recommend PlugMan as I have experienced crash in previous version, not sure if the current one fixed it.

Also I am seeing you’re hosting the web server on the same machine, I recommend using Cloudflare to be your free CDN, cache and lose weight on direct hitting your web server.

(Soooo jealous on this amount of player you have, wish you could fix it soon : )