Keep Getting This Error When Joining My Server

Hi I am using paper 223 and bungeecord and I never used to get this error but lately every time anyone joins my server they get disconnected. The console is giving me this message:

[17:12:12 INFO]: [+] ramdon_person has joined this server.
[17:12:12 INFO]: [Disease] Loading player ramdon_person
[17:12:12 INFO]: ramdon_person[/] logged in with entity id 112 at ([world]-430.68207608911695, 118.0525607748067, -355.1830284173026)
[17:12:14 INFO]: ramdon_person lost connection: Internal Exception: net.minecraft.server.v1_14_R1.PacketEncoder$PacketTooLargeException: PacketTooLarge - PacketPlayOutMapChunk is 2205120. Max is 2097152
[17:12:14 INFO]: [-] ramdon_person has left this server.
[17:12:14 INFO]: [Disease] Saving Disease details for ramdon_person

Here are all my plugins:

ActionHealth*, AdvancedPortals, AreaShop, AuctionHouse, Brewery, Chairs, ChestShop, Citizens, ClearLag, CoreProtect, CS-CoreLib, DisableJoinMessage*, DiscordSRV, DisplayItem, dynmap*, Dynmap-WorldGuard*, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsGeoIP, ExoticGarden, ExplosionRegen, ExtraGear, FakeJoinLeave*, FirstPlayed, GameModeInventories, Holograms*, HolographicDisplays, HomeAs, Horizon, Images, IronElevators*, Jobs, LightAPI*, LinksCore*, MobHeads, MultiChatSpigot, Multiverse-Core, MyCommand, Offline_User_List*, OldCombatMechanics, PermissionsEx*, PluginConstructorAPI, PrivateChests, QualityArmory, RankGrantPlus, Rankup, RegionName*, SaveWorld, Slimefun, TimeIsMoney*, TouchscreenHolograms, Vault, Votifier, WorldEdit, WorldGuard

Note: I also tried switching to spigot 1.14 and I still have this issue

Thank you

I solved this issue by reverting my world folder to an earlier version.

Here’s a tip: Don’t spam your server with thousands of heads, or this will happen to you.