July Project Status Update

Not quite three months ago we posted the original release announcement for Paper 1.14. In those last three months the project has continued to push forward across several fronts.

Paper 1.14.4

MC 1.14 was a mess at launch. While Mojang has continued to try and improve the situation, the release remains problematic. A considerable amount of time and effort on our end has been spent investigating and attempting to fix some of the more egregious performance issues and general game bugs. In spite of this, there remains a significant amount of work to be done on the performance front.

Mojang has stated that they are aware of these issues and are looking to fix them in the next release of Minecraft (1.15). While there have been rumors of a potential 1.14.5 update, based on previous updates and the scale of work to be done, it seems unlikely that, if it’s released, it will solve any of the most critical issues in the 1.14 release.

There is encouraging work underway within the community to resolve some of the worst issues however it seems unlikely that MC 1.14.4 will ever perform as well as previous releases of the game. We will continue to work towards that goal however.

@electronicboy and @Spottedleaf continue to take a leading role in this work and general 1.14 support and maintenance.

As a general reminder, MC 1.14.2 and 1.14.3 are now entirely unsupported. It is recommended that everyone on any 1.14 version upgrade to 1.14.4 as soon as possible.

Paper 1.13.2

Paper for MC 1.13.2 has proven to be a popular release. It is the second-most used version behind the 1.14.x releases. There remains a significant amount of energy and community support around this release. It will continue to see bug fixes and minor changes for the foreseeable future.

Though we are not formally feature-freezing 1.13.2, it should be expected that new features primarily target the 1.14.x releases. We expect that 1.13.2 will transition to primarily getting polish updates such as bug fixes and applicable performance improvements. We have no plans to drop support for this version anytime soon.

Paper 1.12.2

That leaves us with 1.12.2. Originally, we had planned on supporting 1.12.2 beyond 1.13.2, however it appears that the community has chosen 1.13.2 to be that version. 1.12.2 is used by only 16% of our community and the number continues to decrease.

Declining usage combined with the aging code base of 1.12.2 and the increased support burden of supporting three separate major versions of the game has resulted in the team deciding it is time to drop all support for MC 1.12.2.

That being said, Paper 1.12.2 has proven to be one of the more stable releases. While we do recommend you transition to a supported version such as 1.13.2, your current servers should not have many problems in the mean time.

Paper 1.12.2 is no longer supported

Over the next several days issues only affecting 1.12.2 will be closed and the 1.12.2 download on the main downloads page will be removed. While the download will be removed from the main site’s download page, it will remain on the download API with all the other legacy versions.


If you’re not a developer and looking for an easy way to contribute, many tickets on the GitHub tracker are marked with the label “needs testing”. These issues need independent verification on the latest supported versions without plugins to confirm and triage. It is an easy way to help us even if you aren’t interesting in writing code.

The documentation site remains in need of attention. The core team is aware of this however we are stretched quite thin at the moment. Any help in writing and updating content is appreciated.

We are also aware of the hiccups with the download page on the website that can require clearing your browser’s cache. More investigation is needed to see why our existing cache-breaking solution no longer appears to be working as intended.


Thanks for your continued support. Paper continues to grow and as it does, we continue to expand our community with new faces.

We wouldn’t be here without our users, without our contributors, and without our community.


Discord - https://discord.gg/papermc
Twitter - https://twitter.com/PaperPowered
Downloads - https://papermc.io/downloads