Is this CPU good for Paper?

Hi guys, I’m currently using a cloud server as a build & test server.
It has a 6 vCore 2.2 GHz CPU, which is obviously not enough power for a prod server.

I am searching for a good dedicated server, so I was wondering if you could tell me if this CPU is good for running Paper on it:
Intel Xeon E-2134 (Coffee Lake)
4 x 3,5 GHz (4C/8T)
(max. Turbo: 4,5 GHz)

Ty for answering

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Depending on how well it’s being cooled I’d recommend over locking to to like 3.7-4.2 for better performance

Also mabye a 6 core cpu would be better

It’s fine.

Yikes this is old,
But it depends on what exactly you’ll be running off of it.
A single server with, say 16GB+ ram will run just fine (linux OS)
Attempting to run a multi-bungee instance may require overclocking/better cooling and may not run as smoothly with a larger amount of players seeing as it’s a 4 core

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