Is this a joke?


" It’s stupid fast." yeah sure. where is the 1.14 paperboi hmm ? I’m waiting.


You’re more than welcome to contribute to the project vs spending your time whining that a bunch of people who work on a project for free haven’t spent 24/7 working on the project.


Fast updates != performance

Is the OP a joke?


Well the OP is a joke… :stuck_out_tongue:

But is there a “approximate release date” for paper minecraft 1.14? Like 2 weeks or 2 months…?
I am really thankful for your work but It would be nice to know.


The post was obviously a joke, I though it was obvious enough with the “paperboi” .

Anyways. I know development takes a huge amount of time. especially when designing a server full of optimizations for 1.14.

So yeah,. all I’m asking is. if the work on 1.14 has started yet or not.


i r8 joke 2/10, needs more dripping sarcasm and longer ranting of the glories of the em dee phive.

Also if I recognized u from IRC/dumcord that’d make it easier


Joke is OP and OP is a joke


No u