Is there anyway to fix this entity problem

Here is my timings

First, remove EntityTrackerFixer. The features from that plugin are already in Paper, so you’re making your server unnecessarily work twice as hard on that part. Second, remove ClearLagg. Similar to ETF, ClearLagg has a lot of tasks which the server already does. Also, you don’t need VillagerOptomizer. That plugin was made for 1.14 when villagers were extremely problematic. Since then, they’ve had many optimizations and the plugin is making only a small difference if anything. Your configs are also missing a lot of optimizations, many of which relate to entities. You should go through YouHaveTrouble’s optimization guide

Also, your plugins IllegalStack and ExploitFixer are likely unnecessary because Paper already fixes exploits. And also it’s probably time to update your Java version. Java 11 runs slightly faster and Java 8 won’t be supported in the near future anyway

I remove the plugin you said and optimized my spigot,bukkit,paper.yml already.

Now, I’m having a hard time with villager is there anyway ?
Timings here: