Is there a way to make certain entities always "active"?

Hi, sorry for the somewhat ambiguous title. I’m talking about Entity Activation Range, though. For performance reasons, the entity activation range for most entities is very small on my server. However, I’m working on a minigames area for my server right now with some friends, and there’s a specific minigame that is more of a spectating type of game than something you actively play; it involves sheep roaming around an “arena” and walking into various hazards that can kill them.

The problem is, if there aren’t many people all around the “arena” watching, the sheep can sometimes wander into places that are far enough from the player that they are no longer actively ticked due to the entity activation range of the server. This will make them move around very slowly until they get hit by something, and even then they may not move much. This impacts the game negatively because then it’s a given that those sheep will last longer than others, despite them not really doing much of anything.

Is there some way that I can mark these sheep (but ONLY these specific sheep in this minigame) to be actively ticked at all times? I don’t care if it’s some “hacky” solution, I’ve already got lots of command blocks and even a small datapack controlling stuff for this game, so if I can do something weird to them to make them actively tick all the time then I’ll probably do it. Thanks!