Is paper right for my server?

My server was wondering if its possible to use dynmap without spigot because spigot is being annoying atm by changing vanilla mechanics (i.e. mob spawning, redstone timings, breaks chunk loaders, etc.) in the pursuit of optimization. We really like the mapping feature, but we’d like to cut ties with spigot and someone recommended paper. Does paper change the vanilla mechanics and if so, is there an easy way to disable its changes? We don’t need the performance boost, just want a framework that will run dynmap and not make any changes to vanilla.

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@Drew_Hatfield Dynmap works fine for me on paper. I have used paper since I discovered it on minecraft 1.12 and it has always worked perfectly with spigot plugins. Also if it helps the performance boosts are insane. I did a comparison and with no plugins spigot vs paper, spigot took around 3 times longer to start than paper did.

Paper is a fork of Spigot so all of those changes to Vanilla will also show up in Paper.

You may want to try Fabric - there isn’t a good external map like dynmap that i have found but there are a couple of ingame maps like dynmap that you can access in game by hitting “m”.