IP-Forwarding does not seem to be working


IP-Forwarding doesn’t seem to be working. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong I’ve enabled everything that I needed to (IP-Forwarding and Forge Support set to True

Attempting to connect to the ‘Dev’ server shows me the message “If you wish to use IP forwarding, please enable it in your Bungeecord Config”

Waterfall Server Console Log - https://paste.ee/p/4gfgH is the Waterfall’s Server IP is my IP
I changed these for privacy reasons.

Sponge Server (with Bungeecord Module and Bungeecord IP Forwarding Enabled) Log - https://paste.ee/p/s5rLc

I have already tried seeking support in the SpongePowered Discord and they told me to contact Waterfall/PaperMC Support

Thank you!

Sponge Config - https://paste.ee/p/B7x3g
IPs replaced with for privacy reasons
Waterfall Config - https://paste.ee/p/KEGs0

^ These have been attached separately due to New Users only being able to attach 2 links on a post.

I’m also looking for any way to use IP-Forwarding with forge. If you have any progress please let me know, thanks.