Introducing Parchment

Say hello to Parchment!

We’ve introducted an API, as described below, that we intend to replace Jenkins-based downloading with.

projects: paper, travertine, waterfall - project overview, lists available version - version overview, lists available builds - specific build overview - specific build download - latest build overview - latest build download

The old Jenkins based download links you used in the past are now subject to change without notice. You should move over to these API links as soon as possible. If you just download via the website downloads page there is nothing to change, we’ll update that and you’ll never notice.

For additional information on using the new system please see


Is there any way to get just a paperclip.jar without a version number appended? Using -N -O in wget results in WARNING: timestamping does nothing in combination with -O. See the manual for details

Unless there’s a way to make this work?

-o to set the file name with wget

-o sets the log file. -O sets output file. When using -O wget tells me I can’t use -N (retrieve only if server file is newer)