Insane sudden TPS drop on simple 1.15.2 server

Hi, these are some of my relevant server specs, where my Survival server is lagging non stop every day:

• Hardware:
Provider: OVH - Kimsufi (KS-8), dedicated server.
CPU: Intel i7-920 (4c/8t)
RAM: 16GB DDR3 1333 MHz
Network: 100 Mbps

Yes, the hardware is relatively mediocre. But even though it’s cheap, it should be capable of running just 5 low resource intensive servers (including bungee), on a network with few players online.

• Environment:
OS: Ubuntu 19.10
Java 8
Window GUI system: tmux
Server load:
Paintball (empty) (Paper 1.13),
Hub (normally empty) (Paper 1.15.2),
Survival (8 players when lagging in timings) (8GB assigned ram) (Paper 1.15.2)
A separate build/test server where no more than 4 staff log in at any given moment (which also
occasionally lags very hard by the way, but isn’t an issue and is normally turned off). (Paper

Timings with lag increasing:
(I’m taking a second look at aikar’s timings v2 tutorial since I still don’t know how to interpret them, hope I learn something so I can troubleshoot myself in the future)
That was just the tip of the iceberg, it just keeps getting worse, and worse…

All plugins (in Survival) are on their latest versions.

Help? :slight_smile:

Either upgrade your CPU or reduce entities. The i7-920 is little dated.

It all started with 1.15.2. It’s just 1 server with not that many people in it! Even without any people, Survival can still lag!

We once had entities disabled already, and it doesn’t matter, the server will still lag. I once found in the timings that a single freakin donkey was causing 44% of the server’s lag, how the hell is that normal? Even the shittiest cpu should be capable of running a donkey:

I had a diferent server running with 15 players and no issues… + that lag increase in Survival… the server runs fine until it eventually reaches a tipping point as you can see in the timings. That’s not normal.

And by the way, what on earth is wrong with aikar’s V2 timings, why do all of those processes mark 0s & 0%'s??

U are using a really dated processor, it can work fine on 1.5.2 or something like that, but don’t think that it will work fine on 1.15.2

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