Insane and questionable Chuck laggs from Paper

I never write post like this, but I just cant solve the issue.
First of all I’ve installed paper to fix laggs and everything worked fine but 4 days ago it just laggs and I didnt change anything LOL.

It seems to be a problem with chunks but it doesnt make sense since Im literally at spawn afk + noone is loading new chunks

Whats funny about it: I tried multiple settings, e.g. only spigot (didn’t lag), PLAIN Paper with vanilla world -> it did lag, Paper with optimized settings it also laggs

So my question is how can I fix it? Since it worked but now it doesnt anymore???

timingcost: 21950
Either you’re getting hit with a timings issue which is somewhat known but undiagnosable/fixable due to the fact that it seems to be more down to virtualization being stupid, or, your CPU is overloaded; disabling timings might help, could also be that your hosting provider is doing something weird…


Thanks for the fast reply!

I definitely ask my server hoster again since I’m really happy with paper and it would be a shame if I couldn’t use it anymore

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