Initializing Legacy Material Support. Unless you have legacy plugins and/or data this is a bug!

I recently started a paper server for my friends and family. (I hosted a bukkit server a few years ago) It was running fine and people were able to connect and play without any known problems. I then added the latest plugins for world edit and holograms and all of a sudden, it stops working. I could connect directly from home, but no one else can connect to it and the server status website no longer detects it.

I figured I’d restart, so I did. I deleted everything and downloaded the latest version of paper, made sure my port forwarding was done correctly, and ran it… all of a sudden I’m getting this warning:
“Initializing Legacy Material Support. Unless you have legacy plugins and/or data this is a bug!”

I don’t have any plugins, and it appears that my data files are empty. I’m not super tech savy, so I’m not sure if this message is related to the problems I am experiencing. I asked professor google, but I couldn’t find anything helpful. Therefore, I am here seeing if anyone knows anything about what I’m describing, or can at least point me in a direction. Also, I went to my windows firewall and made sure the Java Platform was set to both private and public.


I have the same problem with a twist: My server is now opening two windows. It begins normally but a few lines into startup a Mojang style Minecraft Server window open next to the command prompt style window duplicating the first like a mirror. What has papermc done??? How do we get the last version 1.15.1 back? I have a copy at home but I’m not at home just now.

The second server GUI is from spigot, you can deactivating using the --nogui flag.

Thank you, this did remove the second window. What I do not understand is why this was ever added? What value does having dual widows add to what we have always had?

Is there a real bug as the text of the warning suggests or is there not?
If not, is there a switch to remove this spurious warning?

As far as I know it was part of Spigot before but they took it out and now it’s back in again, useful for people who double click the server jars to start a server I guess, not sure why you would do that but hey, to each it’s own right.
As for the bug warning I heard it might be caused by plugins who don’t have an api-version, but some with fresh installs and no plugins also report seeing it, so I have no idea about that one. :slight_smile:

there is a temp patch in paper to address an issue with a bug upstream, looks like they might have actually addressed that, will have to have a look tomorrow

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I have a new one but for whatever reason +Add Topic is blocked??
I have a chat message in console originating from an ip address. How does that happen?

You probably tried to post somewhere that you don’t have perms to, i.e. not under help, etc
chat message from an IP address would often suggest something like a plugin, dynmap maybe?