I'm experiencing lots of lag in my PaperMC Server

My Paper Server lags so much, please help! It says like 8000 ticks behind 100 or something like that! Please help!

We cannot help when all we know is “lag.” Post the output of /timings report and give hardware specs. Is the lag consistent/repeating, or was it a random occurrence?

What do you mean by /timings report? And my hardware specs are… GPU: AMD Radeon Vega 3 Graphics and CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3200U! and it is repeating consistently.

Timings is a profiler built into Paper that helps find lag issues. /timings report is the Minecraft command to generate a Timings report and give a URL where you can view it. So run /timings report as any other command (by putting it in the chat) and post the output here. Also, how large scale is this server? How many players typically on it, etc?

Only I rn play on my paper server, but there is gonna be like 3+ more! I did the /timings report and this is the output: https://timings.aikar.co/?id=0b4c98ff62c34607a1418aae85323db5

It looks to me like your server is just too slow. However, you can try the following and hope:

  1. Set your server to use Aikar’s flags as linked by timings to here.

  2. Remove ClearLag if you’re not doing anything you absolutely need it for. Seems counterintuitive, I know, but it can sometimes make things lag more and cause other problems.

  3. Try removing CoreProtect and at least see if that makes a noticeable difference. It isn’t too invasive but, at some point, you need to do whatever you can. Timings is not exactly perfect at identifying which plugins cause lag, either, so this is really just a “try it” thing.

  4. See here and also here for a note on the first link.

Your main focus when following the above mentioned guides should be decreasing entities, as those are what’s lagging your server most.

You can try those things, but, in the end, it seems like your server is just way to slow for this; it’s lagging in pretty much every area possible.

Also, your processor specs seem like they should be plenty good enough for one player, so, seeing you’re on Windows, make sure there’s nothing else using too much of your CPU.

How do you set your server to use Aikar’s flags?

If this is your own server, you should have access to the start script, which you can modify in a text editor to include the flags after java and before -jar. If you start the server manually by typing the command each time, you should probably make a start script since the flags are really long. If this is a hosting service, ask them (if they’re specifically for Minecraft, they probably know what Aikar’s flags are).

If you have any social media like Discord or anything, please tell me, I can add you because my B R A I N can’t process this thing, so if I could like share my screen, you could walk me through it!

You can join the PaperMC Discord (linked under the “Community” section on the homepage for future reference) and someone there can help (screen sharing probably a no though). I might be online when you do; who knows?