I was banned on Discord

A few days ago, I was banned from the community Discord Server.
I asked a question and left Discord to check back later and I could not find the PaperMC Discord Server, so I thought it was a glitch or a bug so I rejoined through the Website.
I must have asked a question that wasn’t allowed because I asked it in a different way and I didn’t receive a warning or anything and I was banned.
I read the rules and didn’t see or remember rules against asking about a certain topic.
I am asking to be unbanned, and I will make sure I don’t break any rules going forward.
The reason why I want to be unbanned is so I can still keep on receiving updates on the development of PaperMC because it is an excellent software to improve the gameplay of Servers in my opinion.
I hope you guys understand, thanks!


My Discord ID: 633857588924252161

Was the question, when is 1.16 going to be released for paper?

Yes it was, I guess the devs not like people pressuring them, but it would of been nice if they made an announcement on approximately how long it would be until the update arrived.

I don’t think its really possible to give an “itll be out in x days” timeframe for something like this.

All the people working on it are volunteers whose real life takes priority.

Yeah I’d suggest that bugging the project team about the new release isn’t such a good idea, hope you get unbanned though.

Yeah, if I were developing something I wouldn’t like to be pressured on a future release.

Hope so thx