Huge lags at 35+ players


CPU Intel Xeon E5-2640 (avg load is 10%)
MEM ECC REG DDR3 Samsung (dual channel 16G)
Java 64 bit last version

I have about 9-11 TPS with 35+ players. Please, help


timingcost: 379
Looks like “general overload symptom” (aka, there is nothing that stands out other than the fact that your CPU just doesn’t like the amount of work it’s being asked to do), the timings cost being that high is a sign that your CPU is just slow, or that the system is overloaded

Depending on what v of that CPU you have, it’s pretty old CPU, I used to use the v3’s of that CPU, and they were okay, but, ultimately, slow; You either need a better CPU, or to cut down on the work being expected, e.g. reduce entity counts


Same problem with Intel Core i7-4790K processor.
Intel Core i7-4790K not enough? What processor do you recommend?


Try reducing your entity activation ranges, it looks like a huge part of your TPS loss is down to entities

beyond that, it’s mostly going into tid-bits,⚡.283181/


Yea, it’s due to mobs. I have been in this situation. CPU strong, but the server still lags.
So I created a plugin for this issue that for me works fantastic.
It should work on all versions from 1.8 to 1.13.2 (Although 1.13.2 has some slowdowns, but worth it, because mobs cause 10x as much lag). You should see the performance boost right away without any mob cleaner. Just lower the bukkit.yml monster spawn to 20-30 (you will see as much mobs as with 70, but this plugin works in a way, that mobs you don’t need won’t spawn, causing it to spawn a heck ton of mobs where players can see)