How to set lists as default in custom config.yml file

I want to create and use a custom configuration file for my plugin.
I created a few public methods to create the config.yml file, if it doesn’t exist, load it, save it and to get the file to other classes. Now I wanted to set some defaults. I did this using the getCustomConfigFile method that I created earlier. I thought, it could be useful to set the defaults in the setup method. So I just added the getCustomConfigFile().addDefault(path:"food", value:"apple");. This worked, but I want to create lists (ArrrayList<dataType> <name> = new ArrayList<>();) in this custom configuration file. And additionally I want to create lists in subcategories. How does this work? Can I create a list and just add it into the file using the code getCustomConfigFile().addDefault(path:"food", value:vegetales); when I declared ArrayList<String> vegetables = new ArrayList<>(); before?