How to enable sand dupe in papermc

I just built rays’ work sand duping machine and its working for my creative world but not on the server… I’m the admin pls tell me what to do so I can enable it

There is no configuration option to enable the falling blocks duplication. The only duplication possible on a paper server is tnt/rail/carpet, and even that is using an unsupported setting.

If you want your players to have lots of sand, setup a command block to just give them sand.

im sure there is one just you are so obsessed with no dupe gliches that you don’t even wan’t to tell us… just we don’t wan’t to use command blocks is more cheaty and dirty to do with command blocks and in even not cheat to dupe it…its minecraft glich …so tell me how to enable it and stop with thise exuses…TY

Literally says right in here that “Sand/Gravity block duping does not and will not have a config option.”

k… k… but to stop sand dupe you need a piece of code that is stopping it… and you are telling me that a lot of people… and I mean a lot of them want sand dupe because it legit way not with command…and you are like::::: just use command there is no way to make it… you don’t have the programmers to add it or what// help the community help your customers… don’t just leave it like this is very bad for the reputation of your company and Minecraft in general…

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The guy (Aikar) who is the lead dev pointed to some alternatives if you want the same performance enchancements as Paper, but with the original experience. I’d take a look at that.

What will be great TY

what happen???

Its literally in the github issue that I linked it. Make sure you read through it all this time…

how to do this tell me ???
But if you really insist, fork the project, open EntityFallingBlock and remove the checks.

This is patch sand dupe. This is list of PaperMC patchs

How to compile PaperMC by yourself This is not easy task for normal people to do, and no tutorial. PaperMC is make for Server Admin/DEV that want a bug free server.

If you want to dupe or use bug. Just don’t use PaperMC, use Spigot or something else. Stop Bump thread.

Yes, there is a way to enable duping on paper. It is located in the paper.yml file. First, stop the server. Make sure it’s online. In the file find where it says allow-piston-duplication: false" . Set that option to true. Click save and start the server again. Think that is the right option that enables duping.

did this already before but my sandduper doesnt work. This setting only enables carpetduping and railduping and also tnt but no gravity blocks

and if you read the linked article you’d know why that’s the case