How to download last build of 1.16.3 server

Hello im creating a custom patch for paper but unfortunately while i was writing this patch minecraft updated to 1.16.4 and i need to download the last build of 1.16.3 so that i can update the previous server and i do not want to migrate the version. I looked on PaperMC website but can only find builds for 1.16.4. I am building these patches from source so if its easier to build a regular paper 1.16.3 server from source some info on how to do that would also be awesome. (By default the paper server will build to 1.16.4). Many thanks Cheers!


Thank you for this would you also happen to know how i could build the 1.16.3 version from the source (source for this version of paper)

Yes, you can go back in the git history and checkout the last commit pre-updating to 1.16.4. Idk when that is, you’d have to go back and look through the commit history.