How much ram for my server

How much ram i need for my survival server with 70 plugins and 50 players?

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20gb minimum


As discussed countless times on this forum, “how much RAM do I need” is not a question that can really be answered. A plugin count is virtually useless given plugins can take anywhere from 0 to all of your RAM, and a player count isn’t very helpful either as RAM usage will vary depending on countless other factors. Any numbers given are complete guesses.

Take a look at (site will take a while to load). If you are using Pterodactyl, make a special note of the section for Ptero users.

The most important thing is not to give your server a lot of RAM but to not give it too much. The value of Xmx does not include memory used by native libraries, the JVM itself, and the underlying Operating System. For this reason, if you set Xmx to the amount of physical memory in your computer, or somewhere near that amount, the server will try to use more RAM than it actually can, resulting in a crash.

Start with what you have. If you can give 8, give 8. Rarely is it needed to go above 12GB. You don’t need to give more RAM to your server (and it won’t help) unless you have crashes or GC lag shown in Timings.

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my vps has 16gb ram and how much ram should i give to my server.
sorry for my english, thank you!