How much performance would this code cost?

So I decided to ask about a topic that has been in my head since I started programming plugins. I work with guis and ItemStacks a lot and therefore my plugin builds a ton of inventories, item stacks and Components (AdventureApi).

For instance, here is a piece of my code, that takes a blueprint (custom recipe class) and writes its contents into a list that is later applied to the stack.

int i = 0;
for (Blueprint blueprint : blueprints) {

    ArrayList<Component> lore = new ArrayList<>();
    blueprint.getComponents().forEach((component, amount) -> {
                .append(Component.text(" " + amount + "x"))
                .decoration(TextDecoration.ITALIC, false));

    ItemStack stack = new ItemBuilder(Material.BLUE_BANNER)
    addItem(i, stack, (user, click) -> {

Now there might be a 100 Blueprints a player can craft, possibly even more. How much performance would it take for say 4 players to open this inventory, showing all their blueprints at once. I feel like this would cause some lag, or am I wrong?
And if I am correct, is there a way to improve matters? Ive tried to boost a lot of stuff using async tasks in other parts of my plugin, but when using api classes and methods you simply can’t do that.
Maybe I am just underestimating the performace a minecraft server provides and its certainly a bad practice to optimize code that has not even caused issues yet. Still, I want to know how you guys would solve this task.

It shouldn’t cause any lags. Again, don’t do pre-optimizations.

I think it would be pretty much ok