How long until 1.15 release?


Mojang released the 1.15 update yesterday and spigot is also already available for 1.15.

So my question is how long will it take until PaperMC for 1.15 gets released?

I need to know because if it will take longer than one or two weeks i will have to use spigot instead of PaperMC.


This question also worries.

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Hi there!

Here’s the announcement that a developer posted on Paper’s Discord:

Hi everyone! We are aware that MC 1.15 has been released.

Please exercise patience and understanding over the next few days. 
If you only show up to ask for ETAs or otherwise harass the
community you will be removed.

There are no ETAs. There is no expected finish time. There is no 
spoon. It'll be ready when it's ready. Anyone telling you anything 
else is just making stuff up.

Please feel free to discuss aspects of the release
in the relevant channels. Thanks.

Of course the “relevant channels” doesn’t really apply here in the forums but you get the idea. Hopefully soon, though! My server is waiting on the update too.


Thanks for the reply!

I know that there is no exact release date but it would have been nice to know whether it takes only about a week or two or much longer.

Anyway I will wait some days and see if it gets released because I would really like to keep using PaperMC.

It takes as long as it takes, spigot released on the same day, but; They’ve been tracking snapshots, which we can’t touch until spigot releases their sources

Yes I know and I didn’t want to say something like “Why aren’t they as fast as spigot?” because I know that they are a bigger team.

I really apprechiate that you develop paper for us.

I just need to update my server soon to 1.15 and if the paper release takes longer than 2 weeks I have to switch to spigot.

But if you cannot make any estimation how long it will take that’s absolutly ok! I just wanted to ask.

Take your time!

Heh, I think Paper has a bigger team, unless Md5 has multiple personalities or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing to do with team size, the process is not really designed in a way that multiple people can work on it at once, the real time difference is in the fact that spigot has been working on this for months behind closed doors, all our stuff can only start once spigot actually releases something, then we can finally start working (Which, actually happens in the open, see the wip/1.15 branch)

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I think I read in a forum post at spigot forum that spigot was the bigger team but maybe this was wrong or I just remember incorrectly.

But anyway take the time you need and release when you are ready!

Minidigger has started modifying the patches for 1.15.x. Github commit history branch wip/1.15 and his PR are a hint when it will first compile.

Paper is great, I appreciate your efforts.

I guess that my question fits best here.
Is there any official forum-thread that i can follow about 1.15?

Thanks for all the effort!

Just to understand, is this politics (i.e. does spigot get early access?), or is there some other practical reason for this?


A built from source on the latest wip/1.15 commit works. How well it works needs to be evaluated.
Thanks for updating that fast. Especially Minidigger for updating the majority of the patches.

Just downloaded 1.15 from ( i.e. didnt build from source) and that seems to work, at least at quick try.

Thanks for making it available so quickly.