How do i install papermc on linux? (mint)

The title mostly says it. How do I install paper mc on mint Linux, I can’t really find anything on it online. Can someone help me?

paper runs on java, so it should be just as easy as any other server.
-1: Check if you have installed java. Type “java” into the terminal and if something comes up that does not say “unknown command” or some variation of it, then you have java.
-1a: Try typing “java --version”. If it says anything other than “java 8” or “1.8” or something similar with an 8 in it, then this tutorial may not work, so you might have to still follow step 0.
0: If you haven’t installed Java 8, do so. For Mint, you:
0a. Run “sudo apt update” (no quotes, of course)
0b. run “sudo apt install openjdk-8-jdk openjdk-8-jre” (no quotes, of course)
0c: click “yes” on any sort of prompts that come up
You may have to restart your system.

  1. create a new folder and put the .jar file of the server you downloaded from into the folder. If you have a zip file, extract it with archive manager.
  2. Open the terminal in your folder (use the cd and ls commands to get there) and ensure that when you type “ls” you see your jar file in there.
  3. In the terminal, type “java [jarfile]” with the jarfile being your full name of the file in the folder, even the “.jar” part at the end.
  4. If it closes, check the folder for if it wants you to sign the EULA agreement.
  5. It should work now and if it doesn’t feel free to spam me i guess