How do I download versions of paper that are not available on the legacy versions category?

I was looking for paper 1.12.1 due to the vanilla jar being slow on my low-end server, but when I went to look at 1.12 builds, all that was available was the latest 1.12.2 build. Where can I find builds like 1.12.1?

older builds bar the last point releases before we migrated to the new API were not stored and the build server is no longer accessible, you would need to build a copy of that yourself

Tell a lie, looks like the API knows about 1.12.1, you’ll need to use the API to download it (or pray somebody is willing to run around and grab a pretty link for it)

I’m not exactly sure about API’s and stuff like that work, I don’t know how to code. How could I use an API to find this?

You have documentation of the V2 API at , from where you can use it from within the browser.

The v1 API is deprecated, but it might be easier for you to use:

There’s a high chance that this will work for you:

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Thanks for this, modifying the URL allows you to download other versions too.