How do I convert a Paper server to vanilla?

I want to convert my papermc server back to vanilla so I can use the latest Minecraft update upon its release, but I don’t know how to convert to vanilla, so I need help

Download the vanilla jar file and run that. Pretty sure that should work. MAKE SURE TO TAKE BACKUPS, I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH

However, I’d recommend holding on until Paper updates.

Due to server-side fixes for 1.15(coming out today), I thought I would change over to vanilla, so I can get in on the update earlier and the nether is stored in a different folder to the world and this may delete the nether when I go to vanilla, but I don’t mind

The nether is always stored in a different folder and vanilla doesn’t override worlds.

He may be referring to the world-container option in bukkit.yml, if that is the case copy all your worlds to the main directory. And please please please back them up before you pull the cord and yell Geronimo!

How do I move the PaperMC nether to the actual world’s nether? I would like my nether back. I made a backup just in case conversion went wrong, but can someone give me a tutorial on getting my nether back?

Just need to move some files around:

WORLDNAME=world sh -c "mv \${WORLDNAME}_the_end \${WORLDNAME}/DIM1; mv \${WORLDNAME}_nether \${WORLDNAME}/DIM-1"